Sorting Out The Odd Jobs

Over the last three days we’ve been finishing off more of the odd jobs that have been left over from earlier in the year, one of them is pulling up the bridge we half built down at Yarralin. We started building it so trucks would be able cross to get our second set of yards but half through we decided the river had changed to much from last year and the bridge would be too unsafe to use. Yesterday we received a truck load of bulls to build up herd numbers, so I’ve spent today running them out the paddocks there meant to be in, a simple job that has been made challenging by recent storms that have dropped trees on roads and left large bog holes which even bogged the truck bringing the bulls to the station. The river pump is still playing up, it has been sucking in the intake line to the point were it can no longer suck water up into the pump cutting off the water to the dams.

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