The Night Is For Irrigating

The last two nights have been fairly steady we’ve just been starting and stopping siphons slowly moving from one field to another, it can make for some long nights waiting for the water to run down the 1.2 kilometre rows. The water should only be on a section of the field for no more than eight hours at a time otherwise it will water log the cotton and stunt the plants growth, with the mixture of the long rows and the time limit it takes more siphons than normal to get the water though, as we’ll use one three inch siphons and two two inch siphons in some bays just to get the water down the rows in time.

You see a lot on animals during the night that you wouldn’t normally see during the day, these include a lot of feral animals such as pigs and a lot of foxes. The pigs are keep in check by hunters who visit the property regularly, they trap them in cages, kill them and sell for them for dog food, making an asset out of a pest helping to encourage their control. Unfortunately the same can not be said for the foxes whose numbers have risen since the end of the fur trade when a foxes skin could fetch up to $50. In an area that is mainly cropped foxes aren’t much of a problem to the land owner who already has a range of more serious and important issues on their plate, so understandably their numbers can creep up over time causing harm to native animals. I believe it would great to see a Feral Fur line of fashion or the introduction of a bounty to help curve their numbers.

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