A Good Week

We’ve had a lot of wildlife encounters lately with me running a Koala and Common Tree Snake this week, a goanna the last week along with flocks of whistling kites and hundreds of pelicans.

Last Sunday while travelling back from a friends 21st in Port Macquarie I came across a Koala sitting in the middle of the road I quickly turned around pulled over along with another passer by. I looked at the Koala for a moment then approached it head on to gauge its reaction, it appeared to be a female and unhurt which was great, but it didn’t move as I approached. I then circled around behind it hoping this make it feel vulnerable and it’d remove itself from the road. Unfortunately it didn’t move so I walked up to it a picked it up taking care to keep as much of me away from it as possible, while Koala’s look cute and fluffy they are wild animals with a serious set of claws and good set of teeth that can put you in a lot of pain quickly. Luckily for me my care in picking it up paid off and I put her safely in a tree with only a slight scratch on my arm and nick in one of fingers.

Little Nutsy on the edge of the road

Little Nutsy on the edge of the road

My week of wide life continued today when I came across a Common Tree Snake (also know as a Green Tree Snake, not to be confused with the Green Tree Python) while rolling the driveway. He slithered across the road in front of me and gave me a excuse to get off the roller have a look and take a quick photo. The Common Tree Snake is a long but thin wiry snake that feed on frogs (plenty in the nearby drain), the non-venomous but may produce a terrible odour if they are picked up or spooked. So I just took photos.

Common Tree Snake

Common Tree Snake

Other animals we’ve come across recently include a Gonna that resting in a tree and the birds, hundreds and thousands of birds. As the farm’s dams and channels have become drier birds have been flocking to them for a easy meal. The other week we saw what we believe to be between 500 and 1000 pelicans in the farms main dam, I took the photo below but its quality is poor and only shows about 1/3 of the pelicans on the dam. On top of that I saw more Whistling Kits sitting in one locating than I have ever seen before, resting by the side of channel and feeding on the fish in the quickly drying waters.

1/3 of the Pelicans that were on the dam

1/3 of the Pelicans that were on the dam

In other news we had 14mm of rain at the shed yesterday with similar amounts falling in other places around the farm, while it is not a large amount it was enough to delay irrigation for a couple of days and allow the driveway to be graded and rolled finally knocking out all the corrugations making it smooth and my shocks a well needed break.

Otherwise not a lot has been happening as we’ve just been irrigating while doing other tidy up jobs between irrigations, so until next time I’ll leave you with some of the recent wild life pictures I’ve taken.

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2 thoughts on “A Good Week

  1. Wow you really have been having quality time with the wildlife. ‘Nutsy’ is a cutie and so fluffy but a family story involving my Uncle and a koala deciding to have a piggy back makes me understand you wariness picking her up. For a snake that fellow is quite pretty, I have the usual aversion to them no matter the species. I’ve never managed a pic of a goanna, actually I think I’ve only ever seen one (alive) once and it ran of the road too fast. It is interesting all the different types of marking they can have. It is amazing how pelicans just know where to find water. I guess it being so dry everywhere makes them congregate in huge numbers where water and food is. You are making me miss the inland animals.

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