About Farming

While its easy to get distracted from the real world of farming by the general stereotype of a farmer which is enhanced by the media through a current affairs programs which often focus on negatives or television shows such as “Farmer Whats a Wife” which give a very limited insight into the world of farming.

Farming is a tough job and lifestyle by anyone’s standards with the average day starting at sunrise and ending at sunset, they often work in physical labor while endure intense heat or cold. They endure extreme climatic conditions such as floods or droughts which can lead crop failures, stock losses or financial hardship leading to a high level of stress.

Farmers play an important part in the Australian economy with the value of the Australian agricultural industry growing by 16% over the last year to be worth over $46 billion to the Australian economy. The Agricultural sector continues to grow and  play an increasing important part in the Australian economy.

It is important to remember the importance of the Australian farmer to Australia and its economy as well as the hardships they face if we are to gain a better understanding of the daily life of the Australian Farmer.

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