Living With the Enemy

Now that uni exams are over I’ve been able to dust off the lap top and write again, its actually been that long since I’ve written on The Farming Game that I can’t remember the last time I wrote a blog. So I think I’ll kick things off with an SBS TV show that I watched on Wednesday night.

“Living with the Enemy” is a six episode TV series that wrapped up on Wednesday night, each week it featured two people from opposing sides of an issue who had to live at each others house and enjoy their favourite activities for five days before swapping. The latest and final episode was on hunting and featured the farmer, professional shooter and hunter Steve Lee along side Felicity from Animal Liberation. And while this may not be directly related to agriculture the episode really highlighted the issues with trying to show someone the facts when they are so emotionally driven.

I felt that Steve did a great job explaining to Felicity and her crew the role that hunters play along with why we hunt and what we get from hunting. I did however find a few of his comments a bit rude but after watching the episode again I realised he was just trying laugh his way out of an awkward and intense situation. He gave the experience all he could and even took part in a Animal Liberation protest while wearing one of their shirts, which is more than a lot of us would of done.

Felicity on the other hand didn’t really give it all she could and let her intense views block her from fully taking part in the experience or understand what a hunt was really about. The entire episode she blocked and protested everything that was put forward to her with the view that she was right and there was no compromise. I did find it ironic that when she stated that it would be hard to show Steve their point of view because of his religious views.This just highlighted to me the how difficult it is to debate with who are this narrow minded and difficulties we face as an industry because of them.

I highly recommend watching the episode available through the link below.

Living With the Enemy

Flat out

I’ve been a bit delayed in writing NZ irrigation-part 3, holidays are over so I’m back at uni and studying leaving me with little spare time. Then the spare time I have is being taken up organising the East to West Postie Ride for Farmers.

What’s that? You say, Well…….

Myself and my friend James Mackenzie are riding our postie bikes from Moree NSW to Broome in WA via the Plenty Hwy and Tanami Track, leaving Moree on the 16th of June and reach Broome in just seven days. We hope to raise $10000 for Aussie Helpers to support their great work.
For more information go to and to donate go to our Everyday Hero page


I’m Back!!!!

My last exam was Wednesday morning so as soon as it was over I packed my room loaded up my ute and headed straight back to Moree. I started back at work first thing Thursday morning riding my new Postie bike out to work for the first time, I got it to cut fuel costs hoping I could cut the $70 a week fuel bill for my ute down to under $20. I’ve probably picked the worst time of year to do try this out as harvest has begun and there are semi trailers, b-doubles and road trains all around, you really notice the drop in speed (up to 10km/h) as a road train comes rattling past.

As I mentioned earlier the harvest has begun around Moree and we’ll be starting to harvest the chickpeas on either Tuesday or Wednesday this week, so over the last two days (yes we had the weekend off) we have been checking over the grain and chaser bins. As they where immersed in flood water in early 2012 the bearings have attracted particular scrutiny, all the wheel bearings have been pulled apart checked over and repacked with grease. While other bearings that help with the auger have been replaced completely, to help them slide onto the shaft better all the paint was removed and the stainless steel polished to a high shine removing all and any imperfection making it a ease to put the new bearings on.

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the process as some heavy fella fell on my phone crushing the screen (guilty as charged) and my other camera wasn’t as waterproof as claimed, so until I can work out an alternative my posts will be picture free. Later in the week I hope to have some video up from the chickpea harvest.

Buried Deep

Yes its been quite a while since my last post and it may still be a while until I am able to write a proper post. I’m currently buried deep in UNI work as well as work to help pay for uni so I’ve got no time at the moment to write. However I have been writing smaller posts on the Facebook page so feel free to go there and check it out.

Keeping Up The Water

As the weather delayed the completion of the final turkey nest the cattle were starting to run low on water so I’ve spent the day running water to troughs, 1000 liters at a time. Its a slow process with the tank taking half a hour to fill each time from the bore, the cattle clean up the water quickly so its a constant and never ending process. Fortunately the nest has been finished and there’ll be water in the troughs again by  tomorrow afternoon. Yesterday we picked up our tractor and post ram from our yards on the outside of town only to find that they had been vandalized, wiring was cut, battery was missing, fuel bowl was broken and the fuel was drained, unfortunately these problems can occur when leaving things close to town for an extented period of time.

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