Farming Issues

Farming is vitally important to everyone on the planet but it can come under threat from organisations, companies and even the environment. These issues can have a devastating effect on rural communities as they limit options for farmers, spread misinformation, damage the environment and can even shut down entire industries. These issues always need to be addressed, but some must be addresses with caution to make sure all parties get a fair deal, a equal say and all aspects of issue are addressed.

CSG is a issue of great concern to many Queensland and New South Wales farmers, with fears of ground water contamination and access issues, check it out on the CSG page.

Genetically Modified Crops is another affecting farmers all over Australia, it is a technology with great potential to help us feed our rising population but it still faces a large amount of opposition, check out our GM page.

Feral Animals are constantly causing damage and destruction to Australian Farms and the environment, find out the impacts they cause and the control methods on our Feral Animal page.

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