Keeping Up The Essentials

The last two days have been busy on Humbert, we’ve been on bore runs and putting out cattle lick, with the weather starting to heat up the cattle are drinking more water than ever and were now running the pumps continually just to keep up. Were also putting out more cattle lick than before, the cattle lick gives the cattle extra nutrients such as protein which are lacking in the dry pasture. Clouds have returned to the skies above Humbert, a sure sign that the build up has begun. The potty calves are doing well, their getting bigger and now  feeding well on the feeder.

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Potties and Panels

As the muster continues we’ve gotten our first potty calves for the round, these calves have unfortunately been separated from there mums so we look after them at the station until they are big enough to look after themselves. We have also set up a panel yard as an attachment to the main yard so we can house some extra cattle until we find a paddock for them.

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A Busy Week

The fires have been extinguished thanks to some hasty repairs to the grader, but not with out leaving a trail of destruction in its wake including large pasture losses and damaged fences. Second round is continuing with the contractors ripping another paddock, between these events day to day station jobs must still be done with cattle lick being put out today and a very eventful bore run yesterday.  

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