Cleaning Up

Its been a busy two days on Humbert with an early start yesterday heading into town to pick up supplies and parts so the station will be stocked up over the wet. And with the wet season quickly approaching we’re hurrying to clean up all the little jobs that we have left, so this morning it was all go moving cattle lick to sheds at the old outstation and cleaning up the remains of the old quarters that were burnt last week. Just to make things interesting this afternoon the loader that was cleaning out the turkey nest getting bogged axle deep, but the grader was soon on site and the loader was pulled out. Who knows what the next few days will bring. 

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Putting Out Lick

Its been a long day putting out cattle lick around the station, we received forty eight tonnes of wet season lick three days ago and have been spending the last two days putting it out. It is essential to keeping the cattle healthy but  a long process but it not with without its draw backs it is a long process and the blocks have as habit of falling off the truck and with a weight of 100kg a block they are impossible to pick back up. In other news the rain held off and the truck made it through by lunch today and one turkey  nest has been completed and the other one has been started on. 

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New Grader And Old Fences

Today we finally got the replacement grader we’ve been waiting for, the old one was starting cause a series problems including the problem of starting with it now needing a jump start, pressure bleed and aerostart. Fortunately it will no longer be our problem and the new one will straight to work putting in preventative firebreaks in case we get fires from electrical storms. On Saturday I finally found a way though a large creek that had been stopping me from checking a fence on the other side, its a find I’m regretting the fence hasn’t been checked in over a year and is down in too many places to count, hopefully i’ll finish it off tomorrow.  

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