The Past Few Days

We went into the park on Monday to pick up helicopter fuel drums that were left out there from when the National Parks did their cull of feral cattle only to be told they had already picked them up and we weren’t needed to do it any more, but seems as we were out there we had a look around the old camp and yards from the days when they used to drove the cattle to market. Yesterday was a long one leaving the station at 2:30 to make to town before 8, after dropping off my ute at the mechanics I picked up the station ute and spent the rest of the day picking up supplies, two flat tires later I made it back to the station at 11pm. It was a slow day today walking the loader two hours away to unload lick then walk it back. Were gearing up here for third round which will start Monday, we’ll start all the gear out to camp tomorrow.

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Bring On The Rain……Sorta

Thunder and Lighting is clashing all around with promising signs of more rain but only a few drops have fallen at the homestead so far, hopefully it falls away from the main road so I can make it to Top Springs for Melbourne Cup tomorrow. We had more cattle lick arrive yesterday with the grader making putting it in the feeder the first priority of the day, by the time I had walked the loader to the feeder and back most of the day was gone, so the rest of the day spent cleaning the ute and fixing the three flat tires it had got during the day. 

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