An End To Paving

We finally finished the paving this morning leaving us the rest of the day to catch on the other jobs we had around the station. Four tires needed fixing with the tubes and rust bands shredded in two of them, one of the paddocks was running low on cattle lick so it was quickly  topped up. Finally rain has been predicted for tomorrow and the weekend, so we’ll hopefully get that rain we’ve been waiting for.

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Its been a very hot and humid week on Humbert not the sort of weather you want to paving in, but its a job that’s got to be done so it will. Unfortunately we haven’t had any more rain even though the clouds continue to hover overhead, on my last bore run I was seeing huge flocks of black cockatoos everywhere I went. Black cockatoos are supposed to be a sign of rain to come, hopefully its true as the station could do with some greening up.

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Just The Usual

The past few days on Humbert have been pretty standard carrying out routine work such as bore runs, lick runs and fencing, we’ve also been collecting rocks to pave the front of the homestead. The trees around the station are flowering adding a bit of color to the dry environment, but with the flowers come the bees which swarm around the bores looking for any water they can get. The weather continues to heat up and is growing more humid by the day but there is still no sign of more rain, hopefully we’ll get some soon. 

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A Good Weekend and Another Week Begins

It was a great weekend down at Tennant Creek watching the camp draft and the rodeo,with the exception of a wallaby that decided to headbutt the side of my ute one hundred meters from the homestead.  But its back to work today checking the bores and making more progress with the old outstation, we’ve been able to free up the steel and push it into the tip by pulling it out piece by piece with a chain and the loader, hopefully we’ll finish it off for good tomorrow.

A Steady Few Days

The last couple of days have been fairly steady on the station with new tip completed yesterday morning all that had to be done was check a couple fences and a bore run. The bore run went alright except for two broken pipes with one of them flooding the cattle yards but that’s just life on a farm things break and bust all the time. Its important to make sure the fences are in good order to keep cattle were the’re meant to be and they need to be checked regularly, unfortunately not all the fences can driven along and have to be ridden along on the quad bike while others have that much rock its even hard going on the quad leaving you wonder a fence was built there in the first place. It should be a good weekend as i’m heading down to Tennant Creek tomorrow for the weekend. 

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Loader and Lick

A cool change has brought dark clouds and a cool easterly breeze but still no sign of more rain, the breeze is helped to make this morning’s lick run easier as they had to be loaded and unloaded manually. The rest of the day was spent working on the old tip to try increase its size to deal with the all the waste of the old yards and outstation. 

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First Rains

The first rains of the season fell last night on Humbert it was only a light sprinkle but its still a good sign for this early in the year, hopefully there will be more to come soon. Today’s bore run was pretty uneventful making it a fairly easy day on Humbert, but as it continues to heat up we have to continuously run the bores and pumps to keep water up to the cattle. Hopefully more rain will be on its way shortly and the place will green up a bit giving the cattle some extra feed.