Back At It

Irrigation started again yesterday after being stopped just after Christmas thanks to 20mm of rain that fell last Friday. Last night looked like it was going to be a easy night with only one field on the go but it was not to be, after pulling some stragglers the water level rose suddenly so we had to start more pipes only we started to many and the level dropped to far. So the we spent the rest of the night trying to keep the water up to the field, the rows only started to come through by the morning making for long slow night.

We weren’t the only ones working New Years the spray contractor came out early and started spraying at about three in the morning, they hadn’t been out celebrating but the long hours they work must of added up because he fell asleep at the wheel and drove out the end of the field and straight into an empty head ditch, luckily no one was hurt in the accident and it didn’t occur on the return run as he would of ended up in a main supply channel giving him a very wet start to the new year.

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Getting Home

I’ve made it back in near record time travelling the 3000km in under 46 hours, the trip took me through a wide range of terrain from the thick hedge wood around Daly Waters to the low scrub of the Barkly(were fires still burned amongst all the storms) and the open nothingness of Queensland channel country, fortunately the kangaroos weren’t too bad with Mitchell to St George being the only bad section (it took me three hours to travel that stretch I guess its a record of sorts).  I think it’d be better to take the trip slower over about a week so I’d have more time to check out the sights such as the QANTAS Museum, Stockman’s Hall Of Fame and the many pubs along the way such as Walkabout Creek Hotel in McKinlay.

After arriving home it was a quick trip down the coast for Christmas I’m back in Moree and starting work again irrigating on a cotton farm just outside of town, first shift is New Years Eve night. The blog will soon be redesigned to make it more relevant to life on a cotton farm but information from life at the station will still be available.

So stay tuned

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