Home For Christmas?

The rain has come down, the river has come up and I could be stuck. Heavy rain over night has caused the river to rise significantly cutting us off from half the station and the road to town, its also backing up some of creeks on the station causing us to be cut off again (but I’ll get to that later). With all the rain we went to pull a pump up the bank before the river rose too far but we were too late it was already up and were cut off from it making trip a bit of waste and leaving the freshly cleaned ute muddy again.  Following this we went into  Yarralin to pick up our panel yards and take them home, with the exception of a few storms hanging about it was uneventful until the trip back. One of the creeks we had to cross was dry on the way out but two hours later on the trip back it had risen to point were it was almost impossible for the manager to pass in the ute, luckily he got through by following the truck I was driving. Hopefully the rain will hold off tonight and I’ll get through tomorrow.

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Keeping Up The Essentials

The last two days have been busy on Humbert, we’ve been on bore runs and putting out cattle lick, with the weather starting to heat up the cattle are drinking more water than ever and were now running the pumps continually just to keep up. Were also putting out more cattle lick than before, the cattle lick gives the cattle extra nutrients such as protein which are lacking in the dry pasture. Clouds have returned to the skies above Humbert, a sure sign that the build up has begun. The potty calves are doing well, their getting bigger and now  feeding well on the feeder.

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