Living With the Enemy

Now that uni exams are over I’ve been able to dust off the lap top and write again, its actually been that long since I’ve written on The Farming Game that I can’t remember the last time I wrote a blog. So I think I’ll kick things off with an SBS TV show that I watched on Wednesday night.

“Living with the Enemy” is a six episode TV series that wrapped up on Wednesday night, each week it featured two people from opposing sides of an issue who had to live at each others house and enjoy their favourite activities for five days before swapping. The latest and final episode was on hunting and featured the farmer, professional shooter and hunter Steve Lee along side Felicity from Animal Liberation. And while this may not be directly related to agriculture the episode really highlighted the issues with trying to show someone the facts when they are so emotionally driven.

I felt that Steve did a great job explaining to Felicity and her crew the role that hunters play along with why we hunt and what we get from hunting. I did however find a few of his comments a bit rude but after watching the episode again I realised he was just trying laugh his way out of an awkward and intense situation. He gave the experience all he could and even took part in a Animal Liberation protest while wearing one of their shirts, which is more than a lot of us would of done.

Felicity on the other hand didn’t really give it all she could and let her intense views block her from fully taking part in the experience or understand what a hunt was really about. The entire episode she blocked and protested everything that was put forward to her with the view that she was right and there was no compromise. I did find it ironic that when she stated that it would be hard to show Steve their point of view because of his religious views.This just highlighted to me the how difficult it is to debate with who are this narrow minded and difficulties we face as an industry because of them.

I highly recommend watching the episode available through the link below.

Living With the Enemy

The Pitch

I’ve been a bit strapped for time lately and am writing this post on my phone during my lunch break. So this post won’t have pictures and isn’t about what I’ve been up to or a explanation of some aspect of farming, it’s just simply an idea.

Reality tv shows like “Big Brother”, “The Block”, “Masterchef” and “The Amazing Race” are all over the TV and I really think there’s not a lot of reality in them. What I think would make better reality TV is a show is where they get a family or a couple of people from the city and get them to try and run a farm. I believe that not only would this make better tv then a mind numbing episode of “Big Brother” but it would also help to bridge the Rural-Urban divide as it would highlight some of the difficulties involved in running a farm as well as showing the public the processes involved in growing last nights dinner or the clothes they’re wearing. So how would this work.

I think it’d probably work best if you set it on a mixed cropping and livestock farm so it covers more than just sector of agriculture. The people should be from the city or a urban area with little farming experience, before starting they’ll need to go through a crash course in farming covering things like basic maintenance, machinery operation and livestock handling. They’d then get introduced to the farm and the machinery before been given a budget and told to make a profit, if they succeed it could be used as the prize money. But making a show like that wouldn’t be without its difficulties.

The main trick to pulling this off would be in the organisation of it, with the two main difficulties being time and money. You would need to over a period of at least a year so there’d be a years worth of footage to sort through as well as a years wages for the camera crew and people working on the show, machinery and lease of the land also needs to be paid for. But a project like this should be able to attract a bit of support and sponsorship from agricultural organisations and companies, helping to cover some of the costs involved and making it more viable.

This show would take a lot of effort to make, but I’d still be better than most other reality tv programs and would help to promote Ag.

Anyway that’s just my idea, maybe somebody in the tv industry will see this and think its alright. Feel free to leave your thoughts and ideas in the comments section, I should have a bit more spare time in a couple of days so you I’ll be able to catch you up on everything that’s been going on then.