Video From Yesterday

I always take my camera with me and yesterday I even had my video camera with me, so I mounted it on the car and used the footage to put together this video. Its my first try so let me know what you think.

Water Water Water

We can’t live with out it and neither can the cattle which can make keeping the water up to them a never ending mission. The new turkey nest is still not at level were it can supply the troughs so i’m still manually carting water to them 1000 liters at time, although this sounds like a lot of water it disappears quickly when your watering a few hundred head of cattle. One of our main pumps has also been having some problems continually shutting down with out explanation, it turns out the intake pipe has been sucking in and closing up causing the pump to stall, with this fixed its now supplying the dam with water again and not a moment too soon as it has already dropped in level. Their are storms all around Humbert tonight so hopefully one of them will drift onto us bringing much needed rain.

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Cleaning Up

Its been a busy two days on Humbert with an early start yesterday heading into town to pick up supplies and parts so the station will be stocked up over the wet. And with the wet season quickly approaching we’re hurrying to clean up all the little jobs that we have left, so this morning it was all go moving cattle lick to sheds at the old outstation and cleaning up the remains of the old quarters that were burnt last week. Just to make things interesting this afternoon the loader that was cleaning out the turkey nest getting bogged axle deep, but the grader was soon on site and the loader was pulled out. Who knows what the next few days will bring. 

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Bring On The Rain……Sorta

Thunder and Lighting is clashing all around with promising signs of more rain but only a few drops have fallen at the homestead so far, hopefully it falls away from the main road so I can make it to Top Springs for Melbourne Cup tomorrow. We had more cattle lick arrive yesterday with the grader making putting it in the feeder the first priority of the day, by the time I had walked the loader to the feeder and back most of the day was gone, so the rest of the day spent cleaning the ute and fixing the three flat tires it had got during the day. 

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New Grader And Old Fences

Today we finally got the replacement grader we’ve been waiting for, the old one was starting cause a series problems including the problem of starting with it now needing a jump start, pressure bleed and aerostart. Fortunately it will no longer be our problem and the new one will straight to work putting in preventative firebreaks in case we get fires from electrical storms. On Saturday I finally found a way though a large creek that had been stopping me from checking a fence on the other side, its a find I’m regretting the fence hasn’t been checked in over a year and is down in too many places to count, hopefully i’ll finish it off tomorrow.  

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And The Rain Came Down

The skies have opened up over Humbert bringing down the rain and bringing the wet season to us, although we only got a small shower at the homestead the rain was huge a little further down the road. Turning the roads into rivers and causing the creeks to flow, all this water made it extremely slippery to drive about. All of this caused me to slip into the dam while trying to rescue a cow getting me axle deep bogged, after trying to drive out myself I eventually had to call the homestead to be pulled out and rescued. Tomorrows bore run should be interesting. 

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Stores, Lick and Fencing

Its been a steady couple of days Humbert carrying out routine work as well preparing for third round with the installation of the new calf cradle. I set off for a day of fencing today but had to detour into Yarralin to pick up supplies before I reached the fence in need of fixing, eventually I made it back out the fence which we found flattened yesterday and was able to fix it in time to put out more cattle lick in the afternoon. The rain that was predicted for the weekend never made an appearance leaving the station dry, hopefully we will get some in the near future. 

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