And The Rain Came Down

The skies have opened up over Humbert bringing down the rain and bringing the wet season to us, although we only got a small shower at the homestead the rain was huge a little further down the road. Turning the roads into rivers and causing the creeks to flow, all this water made it extremely slippery to drive about. All of this caused me to slip into the dam while trying to rescue a cow getting me axle deep bogged, after trying to drive out myself I eventually had to call the homestead to be pulled out and rescued. Tomorrows bore run should be interesting. 

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Town Run

It was an early start today leaving at 4:30 to get to town to pick up supplies for the station, fortunately were not too far from town compared to other stations, its only five hours each way. The wet season is well and truly on its way with the first rain in six months falling while I drove back from town, as I write the first dry storm of the season is thundering away outside. They are an awesome feat of nature with masses of thunder and lighting and not a drop of rain, while these storms are incredible to watch but they pose a serious threat of fire. 

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Keeping Up The Essentials

The last two days have been busy on Humbert, we’ve been on bore runs and putting out cattle lick, with the weather starting to heat up the cattle are drinking more water than ever and were now running the pumps continually just to keep up. Were also putting out more cattle lick than before, the cattle lick gives the cattle extra nutrients such as protein which are lacking in the dry pasture. Clouds have returned to the skies above Humbert, a sure sign that the build up has begun. The potty calves are doing well, their getting bigger and now  feeding well on the feeder.

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