Station Gear

We use a wide variety of equipment and machinery on the station that help us carry out our daily jobs and make life and work on the station easier and safer. So to help answer some of the questions people have about what we use I’ve created this page that will hopefully answer some of your questions.

The Bores

On Humbert all the bores and pumps are powered by crank start single cylinder diesel engines,  these engines are great little things as they are easy to start, cheap to run and most importantly reliable. In fact they are that reliable we had one motor on the station that wasn’t recovered before the river came up at the beginning of the last wet, causing it to fill with water. It was then left sitting with water it it for a few weeks before it was needed, after the water was drained and a quick oil change it started first go as if nothing had happened.

Boys and Their Toys

The grader and loader get a lot of use on Humbert and are essential the running of the station. The grader was until recently a Cat 12E but recently we received our new Cat 140H, it’s always on stand by ready to fight fires that can start anywhere and at time from electrical storms as well as deliberate arson. The new grader hasn’t been put to the test so far but the old grader got a good work out from fires earlier in the year, still it should be put to work soon grading roads and cutting fire breaks. The loader is a Cat 910 its small but it gets the job done serving as a fork lift as well, its used often on the station whether its loading cattle lick or repairing washed out crossings its an essential part of the station.














The Body Truck

The humble body truck is a forgotten hero on the cattle station with out it many day to day jobs would take considerably longer or would not be able to be completed at all. It full fills every role from transporting cattle and horses to putting out cattle lick or picking up supplies from town. These trucks are often rough and in need of a bit of love and care but at the end of the day they are always reliable and can be counted on to get the job done, whether it is running eight tonnes of lick down a muddy road or getting the horses out to camp before mustering starts.

P1020803 (1024x768)





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