The Lighter Side

Life is just no fun if you can’t have a laugh, it’s think always good to make the best of bad situation and remember that someone’s having a worst day than you. None of these videos are my own, the pictures are my own collection of accidents I’ve seen over the years (I wasn’t driving in all of them).

2 thoughts on “The Lighter Side

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  2. Hi There,

    I am from Griffith too but I am living in Toowoomba at the moment studying at USQ. My grandfather grew one of the first experimental rice crops in Griffith in 1928.My father purchased the farm from him in the 50’s and my mum still owns the farm. I have also worked at Moree and other rural cities in the New England Region. So who are you? I couldn’t see any where on the website where you have put a name to the site. I think this is a great site packed with some great information that is interesting and comical. I really enjoyed it. Please let me know who you are I would like to make contact and perhaps you could help chew the fat with me about my agricultural project.

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